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GPCCI Breakfast Briefing with Ms. Amor Maclang

Amor Maclang is one of the country’s experts for social media marketing. At the GPCCI Breakfast Briefing at Brotzeit Glorietta on November 9, she shared her insights on “How Campaigns thrive on shareability, not virality”.

The Philippines is a world leader when it comes to social media usage. But all the tweets, likes, shares, hashtags and pins can be overwhelming and it is a challenge to use the different social media platforms for successful marketing campaigns.

Amor Maclang, Chief Communications and Business Strategy Officer of GeiserMaclang, is one of the country’s experts for social media marketing. At the GPCCI Breakfast Briefing at Brotzeit Glorietta on November 9, she shared her insights on “How Campaigns thrive on shareability, not virality”.

Ms. Maclang had 5 crucial tips for the audience.

#1 “Be Easy to Understand”: concentrate on singular stories and clear messages that generate shareable content.

#2 “Be Everywhere”: do not depend solely on third-party platforms but foster your own platforms as well. Different social media channels serve different needs and audiences – Facebook for example is already for the ‘older crowd’.

#3 “Ambassadors are Key”: there are 4 types of ‘Ambassadors’ in the social media universe that you should make use of: 1. Hypersocials with hundreds of thousands of followers 2. Subject Matter Experts 3. Media people 4. Community Leaders.

#4 “Frontload the Cause, Not the Brand”.

#5 “Appeal to your Audience’s Emotion”.  

Ms. Maclang illustrated her tips with sample campaigns of GeiserMaclang for such different clients as Max’s Restaurant Group, Pharmaton, and the EU Delegation to the Philippines.

She concluded her presentation with 10 Social Media Skills You Need To Master:

  • Be relevant. Check the pulse of the times. Be at the front of new.
  • Develop a Taste for tasteful graphics. It ain't called info graphics for nothing.
  • Put Substance. Have a story to tell.
  • Post Timing Wizardry. When's the best time to post? Why after lunch of course.
  • Knowing your audience. And the community leaders. Lurk, engage, affect and then move towards positive thought leadership.
  • #‎EthicalHashtagging. How else will google find you?
  • Post Frequency Discipline: you're not a thought leader unless your following hears from you at least 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Identifying Platforms - two types: those that you own (apps, website) and those that are universally shared (SNS sites)
  • Give credit- tag people, create attribution, make people own it, they'll share it!
  • Be Dynamic - digital is not a channel, it's a mindset and that needs to evolve into a movement.

The discussions during the following Q&A ranged from the secret behind the Philippine social media phenomenon “#AlDub” to how the German Chamber and other international organizations can make the best use of social media channels.

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Breakfast Briefing with Compensation and Benefits Specialists

GPCCI Members had the opportunity to discuss various topics regarding Compensations and Benefits during the last Breakfast Briefing, held at the Makati Diamond Residences on 26 August 2015.

The guest speakers for GPCCI’s second Breakfast Briefing were experts from leading global professional services company Tower Watson: Mr. Romeo Carabeo, MS, FASP, FLMI, Director – Consulting Services for the Benefits and Ms. Vangie Daquilanea, Head of the Global Data Services Team.

Over the course of the briefing, Mr. Carabeo talked about the various market trends in benefits, and discussed the different kinds of benefits companies are commonly offering to their employees. He explained retention programs, statutory benefits, health insurance, retirement benefits, leaves, insurances, and loans.

Mr. Carabeo also mentioned that there are three factors that make a job look attractive to an applicant, and these factors include the salary or compensation package, opportunities for growth, and retirement benefits. He pointed out that the manufacturing sector still has the most attractive compensation package among all industries, while the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has the fastest career progression opportunities.

Ms. Daquilanea added that some companies offer wellness programs to make employee benefits more attractive. She mentioned that when it comes to the manufacturing sector, most especially for factories located in the provinces, the people working for assembly lines still receive minimum wage.
She also explored topics related to the 13th month pay as well as the retirement fund. Under the retirement fund, there are many things to consider, such as accounting requirement / standards, the risk profile and the implementation of the retirement fund.

The Breakfast Briefing was capped off with a short thank you speech by GPCCI’s Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Hazel Anne Llanera.

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GPCCI Breakfast Briefing with Ms. Althea Antonio

The first GPCCI Breakfast Briefing was held at the BDO Directors’ Lounge in Makati. German and Philippine businesspeople took the opportunity to discuss current developments, opportunities and challenges of multilateral trade and business relations between the Philippines and Germany and other EU-countries.

Opening the breakfast briefing with introductory remarks, Ms. Althea Antonio, the newly appointed Philippine Commercial Counselor to Germany, gave examples of successful international trade promotion. She also lined out the relations between Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Board of Investments (BOI).

Obstacles for foreign investors were an important point of the following discussion, in particular ownership restrictions, taxes, labor costs, and industry-sector limitations. Of course, the numerous positive developments in recent years were a topic as well, from the thriving renewable energy market to GSP+, which allows the duty-free importation of Philippine products in the EU.

The Breakfast Briefing is a new regular forum exclusively for GPCCI Members. It aims to facilitate an intimate, interactive session on a future-facing and/or prevalent topic of interest amongst the German-Philippine business community.