Education & Training ( K to 12 PLUS Project)

Mandated by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the German-Philippine Chamber, alongside public and private partners, supports the K to 12 Plus reforms in the Philippines by introducing elements of the German approach of dual training in the country.

In order to be a strong competitor in the dynamic ASEAN region, the Philippine economy demands an increase in skilled labor. GPCCI is committed to strengthening capabilities and youth empowerment.

The dual vocational training system is the most common form of vocational training in Germany. Its core concept is that training is conducted in two places of learning – companies and vocational schools. The company provides trainees with the practical part of the training whereas the vocational school delivers the theoretical knowledge.

As part of the K to 12 Plus Project, GPCCI connects vocational training schools with German and Philippine companies to develop customized training programs, thus helping to provide the industry with skilled labor and giving new career perspectives to the Filipino youth.

The 2016/2017 Educational Brochure provides an overview of education programs with German partners in the Philippines.