AdA International Basic - Train the Trainer

The Dual Vocational Training - under the K-12 Plus project - gives the participants or new trainers the competency in accordance with the German System which leads to extraordinary productivity and innovation skills.


A crucial element in the K-12 Plus system is the qualification of trainers. This program specifies how vocational and professional skills can be combined with activity-based and process-oriented content.

The Training aims to develop and encourage individual occupational expertise, as well as a flexible adaptation to constant change of working environment.

The Dual Vocational Training brings out trainers who are specially qualified for their assignment and eligibility for their operational practice. This is being certified by an objective examination.

The Dual Vocational Training involves 4 Steps:

1st Step             Evaluate Training Requirements

2nd Step            Prepare Training and Participate in Selecting                                        Apprentices and Trainees

3rd Step             Conduct Training

4th Step             Complete Training


Our special features:

  • First class Trainers
  • Qualification concept according to German standards
  • Adjusted curriculum
  • Practice-approved learning materials 
  • Quality seal by AHK-certification
  •  Training and Examination in English

The AdA International Basic was piloted in the Philippines through the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) last March 7-11 with 10 participants from private and public institutions. 9 of them passed the examinations and are now holders of German Chamber of Commerce certified certificates.