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Partner Philippines:Opportunities and Challenges

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24.04.2018 | 10:00
- 12:30
IHK Frankfurt am Main, Börsenplatz 4, 60313 Frankfurt

The Republic of the Philippines is an archipelago of 7,641 islands in the western Pacific. The country is an interesting single market with 100 million people. The population is young and dynamic and largely English-speaking. High purchasing power and a low savings rate make the Philippines an attractive consumer market.

The country's membership of the ASEAN Confederation also gives the Philippines access to one of the largest markets in the world, 620 million people, for German companies. Within the ASEAN Economic Community, all goods should be traded duty-free until the end of 2018.

Foreign trade with Germany has risen sharply in the years 2009 to 2015: in imports by 101%, in exports by 172%. With the EU, the Philippines have been negotiating a free trade agreement since 2016. Germany, the Philippines' main trading partner within the EU, would be the big beneficiary.

The World Bank currently sees the Philippines among the ten fastest growing economies in the world. An important factor in Philippine economic performance is the high level of remittances from foreign filipinos supporting domestic consumption. Together with the boom in the outsourcing industry, these transfers also fueled the current construction boom, especially in the Greater Manila area.

In order to maintain economic momentum, the government is working on changes in the tax and investment system. In the international Ease of Doing Business Ranking, the country has improved significantly in recent years. In the "Global Competitiveness Index", the archipelago was able to pull itself past EU member states.



10:00-10:10 - Welcome

Dr. Erich W. Georg

Spokesman of the Foreign Trade Committee IHK Frankfurt am Main

10:10-10:45, Keynote

Undersecretary Nora Terrado

Trade and Investments Promotion Group, Department of Trade and Industry, Republic of the Philippines 

10:45-12:00 - Business Opportunities in the Republic of the Philippines

Field report 1: Business Process Outsourcing

Alexander Weigl

Management Board, Lufthansa Global Business Services

Field report 2: Production

Torsten Griess-Nega

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Zahnfabrik (Philippines) Inc., Manila and Chairman of the Management Board Steinbacher Treuhand GmbH, Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines

12:00-12:10 - Q & A

12:10-12:30,Partner for German-Philippine economic activities

Peter Kompalla

Executive Director of AHK Philippinen/GPCCI

The event will be held in English.