ASEAN - Interkulturelles Tagesseminar

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Kiel and Norderstedt

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is one of the world's largest growth markets, making it a potential target market for many companies. Despite this attractiveness, there is hardly any market worldwide which is more difficult to handle due to the differences between the individual member states.

Especially in management and decision-making positions as well as for the posted employees on site and the trade fair teams of the companies, knowledge about intercultural thinking and behavior is therefore essential.

Together with the Managing Director of the German-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Thomas Brandt, with many years of experience in the ASEAN region, WT.SH offers a one-day compact seminar at two locations in order to get to know the Asian mentality and business culture in this confederation.

During the intercultural seminar you will learn which factors are important for your ASEAN business, how to behave in Asian cultures and what cultural aspects should be taken into account when dealing with business partners and employees.

For more information, please follow these link: For Kiel and for Norderstedt