Past Workshops


Time Management Seminar

The Effective Time Management Seminar facilitated by Alexander Strecker on the following day was well attended and appreciated. It helped the participants to get fundamentals and tools on how to deal with the challenge doing the right thing at the right time in order to achieve the objectives best. Time management is a key factor for our professional success and deals with the definition of smart objectives, the right priorities, effective organization of our day and week, effective meetings and also deals with the proper delegation of people. Practical examples were given and hands-on techniques were shared by the facilitator, which were applied right away in the experience shared by the participating members.


Professional Leadership Skills Seminar

A Professional Leadership Skills Seminar was offered to GPCCI Members highlighting German Leadership Style with Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach Mr. Alexander Strecker, coordinated by GPCCI’s Training Officer Ms. Charlotte Bandelow. This was very helpful since a majority of attendees work in German companies or subsidiaries, and thus needed a proper framework from which they could better understand German Leadership Style. German cultural patterns and dimensions, performance vs. compassion, individualism vs. collectivism, certainty vs. risk-taking, structures, hierarchies, rules, functions, responsibilities and roles were all tackled culminating in a lively discussion on best practices. There were a total of 11 participants from 8 companies represented.