Renewable Energy

In times of scarce fuel resources and continually rising energy prices, economic prosperity and competitiveness strongly depend on the ability to use energy from renewable resources. Germany enjoys an outstanding reputation not only for its commitment in 2011 to phase out nuclear energy, but also for its high-quality technical products and its practical expertise, particularly in the field of renewable energy. The use of innovative technology holds enormous potential for clean, renewable energy in every field of application.

This is why the former German Ministry of Economics and Technology decided to launch the “Renewables – Made in Germany” Initiative. This initiative will help bring Renewable Energy technologies, know-how and experience to markets worldwide. Through the initiative, the involvement in the enhancement of the Philippine power industry and energy development, particularly in renewable energy, has continuously grown and become more prominent.

The 2nd German Solar Training Week was held by GIZ and GPCCI in 2013 concurrently with Powertrends, the largest and most significant regular biennial energy trade show in the Philippines, where the “Renewables – Made in Germany” initiative enabled the interested companies to participate in a German Pavilion. Due to the fact that company representatives from Germany could combine the two activities and create new synergies meant a remarkable benefit to them, branding themselves as early movers in the Philippine renewable energy market.


With the rate that Renewable Energy is being pushed and supported as the future energy source in the Philippines, GPCCI foresees a large development in the Philippine Renewable Energy market, and more opportunities and success for German companies providing alternative energy services! With that, together with its local partners, GPCCI will continue its support and excitedly looks forward to welcome more businesses of Renewable Energy to visit the country. Together with GIZ, GPCCI will present the 3rd German Solar Training Week in 2014 and through our engagement in EPBN (EU-Philippines Business Network), GPCCI will further promote and assist SMEs to enter the Philippine market with state-of-the-art technologies to support the progress of the Philippine energy situation.