Antipodes Sparkling Water wins World's Best

01.03.18 Members' Corner

The 28th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting and Awards were held over the weekend in West Virginia, USA (24th of February 2018). This is the single longest running, and world’s most respected water awards, with close to 100 water brands represented from ve continents.

Today, The Antipodes Water Company and Brumms Quality Wines, Inc. is proud to an- nounce that Antipodes has been crowned the champion sparkling water at these penul- timate awards, and received the GOLD Medal. Antipodes was also awarded in the best packaging category. Now both the still and sparkling water are GOLD Metalist.

“The team at Antipodes are absolutely delighted that we have once again won GOLD at the prestigious Berkeley Springs awards in the United States - also known as the Olympics of wa- ter!”, said Deborah McLaughlin, General Manager at the Antipodes Water Company, “Antipodes water has been the most awarded mineral water at this annual competition since rst entering and winning GOLD in 2006. Having such a consistent endorsement from the world‘s water ex- perts is something that we are all extremely proud of.”

Antipodes Water comes from a 327m (1000ft) deep pressured aquifer, taking up to 300 years to naturally lter through substrata of ignimbrite, a ne-grained volcanic rock. The precious source is located in Whakatane in the rural Bay of Plenty of New Zealand. Antipo- des Water has a subtle mineral content that will not interfere with the palate when tasted alongside ne wine, co ee and food. This is why Antipodes water is found in some of the best restaurants and hotels around the world and is o ered in glass 1,000ml (33.8 .oz) and 500ml (16.9 . oz) bottles.

Antipodes proudly carries a carbonNZero certi cation, and has been acknowledged by the United Nations for environmental responsibility. Everything about Antipodes from the construction of the water facilities, to the packaging, bottling and shipping has been planned to ensure it arrives at any table without leaving an environmental footprint.


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