Ensuring Business Continuity + Company Visit to Continental

11.08.17 AHK News

On 11 August 2017, members of the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited the plant of Continental Temic Electronics Philippines in Calamba, Laguna. Representatives of the company gave an overview of Continental with a special focus on their Disaster Risk Management to ensure business continuity. Some of the factors they consider are the following: Plant site profile; Proximity of government and non-government agencies; Demography of their employees; Natural Hazards Assessment; Emergency Management; Communication Directory; Storm and Flood Emergency Planning; Emergency Alarm Level and; Machines and Equipment.

The presentation sparked an exchange of ideas from the members, sharing their company’s approach and measures. One specific example is that Continental monitors typhoons from different agency sources even before a typhoon enters the Philippine area of responsibility. Another is, aside from having their own emergency hotline, the company also has a standard communication process wherein management contacts the supervisors, and the latter reaches the staff members. Knowledge on providing first aid is also considered vital information, as well as conducting required and unplanned drills to constantly keep employees well-informed of the correct procedures should the situation call for it.

The discussion was then followed by an exclusive window tour of the plant, giving the participants an idea of Continental’s integral and forward contribution to the industry, and the country.

We would like to thank our colleagues from Continental for sharing their years of expertise to our Members. We believe that the information exchange will contribute to further develop our member companies’ business sustainability, and ultimately the quality of investment in the Philippines.