First Basic Qualification Certificates issued for Senior High School students

17.04.18 AHK News

As part of the Kto12 PLUS project supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, GPCCI issued the first Basic Qualification Certificates (BQCs) to Senior High School graduates of the Metalworking Technology track at San Pedro Relocation Center National High School (SPRCNHS) in San Pedro, Laguna. The certificate attests the skills and competences acquired during their 800-hour industry immersion. Out of 23 students who took the assessment, 17 passed. 

The qualification assessment was conducted by a competent panel of industry experts. Basic passing requirements included the National Certificate 1 in Machining issued by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), a completed logbook tracking students’ immersion hours and skills progression, and the company’s assessment of their skills and attitude. In addition, an oral exam assessed students’ comprehension of the general subject matter. With that, the BQC attests the quality of the industry immersion and the additional value-adding competencies learned during that time. It is envisioned that the BQC will give students a competitive edge when entering the workforce and improve their chance of gainful employment. 

The K to 12 PLUS project supports the K to 12 reform (Kindergarten plus 12 school years) in the Philippines, especially the technical-vocational track of Senior High Schools and its required industry immersion. This includes piloting an industry-enhanced curriculum, 800 hours of industry immersion – as compared to the minimum required 80 hours – as well as having students’ practical skills assessed by TESDA before graduation. “We are producing the level of excellence that companies need,” says Mr. Virgilio Lanzuela, President of Rollmaster Machinery, and one of the industry partners of San Pedro Senior High School.