Inauguration of the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart

22.06.18 AHK News

The Philippine Consul in Stuttgart celebrated the inauguration of their new office with a forum hosted on the 12th of June. The event focused on German-Philippine bilateral relations and economic opportunities, as well as tourist destinations in the South-East Asian country.

Present at the event was GPCCI Executive Director Peter Kompalla along with a roster of key speakers including the host Philippine Consul a.h. over Baden-Württemberg Dr. Axel Neumahr, the Embassy's Chargé d'Affaires Lillibeth V. Pono, Director of the Philippine Tourism Office in Germany Ms. Meggie Valdes; Dr. Nikolas Stihl of the Stihl Group of Companies; Dr. Stefan Lutz of Porsche; and former Philippine Consul General in Stuttgart Dr. Gerhard Zeidler.