New Member: Tandem Language & Training Center Corporation

25.10.17 AHK News

The Tandem Language & Training Center renders language and culture, and tailor-made training courses based on defined didactic methodologies and goal-oriented pedagogies to Filipino professionals to meet the needs of the global labor market, and to serve mere personal interests on language acquisition.

The Tandem Language & Training Center provides profession-specific language and training courses with collaborative approach in the delivery. Their services are ably supported by a synergy with relevant industry stakeholders to address linguistic and cultural barrier in the international labor market. Their linguistic services are competently aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to ensure that aspiring speakers of a specific language are equipped with the comprehension skills in listening, speaking, writing, and reading at an accurately defined language proficiency level. Currently, the company’s main German language program has been nurturing the linguistic skills of highly motivated Filipino professionals who are bound to join their employers in Germany in the healthcare and medical industry. The course instructors include native speakers with the appropriate qualification in teaching German as a foreign language.