People Connection at the Heart of German-Filipino Partnership

09.10.17 AHK News

27 Years of German Unity 04 October 2017 New World Makati Hotel

This year’s German National Day was celebrated with distinguished guests from politics, business, culture and the Diplomatic and Consular Corps at a reception at the New World Hotel Makati on 04 October 2017 hosted by Dr. Gordon Kricke, German Ambassador to the Philippines, and Mrs. Anke Mackrodt Kricke.

In his address, Ambassador Kricke highlighted the shared experience of Germany and the Philippines with peaceful revolutions and hailed the courage of their peoples to overcome a dictatorial regime and to fight for democracy, human rights and the rule of law. People-to-people connections also constitute one of the core elements of the close partnership between the two countries.

The guests indulged not only in excellent wines and original Oktoberfest brew from Germany as well as delectable culinary treats, but also enjoyed musical highlights led by the Oktoberfest band Bavarian Sound Express followed by the guitar duo Jenny & Jeff, Heloïse LaHarpe and the Filipino a cappella group Baihana to complete the evening.

Photos: Yummie Dingding