Siemens Philippines ignites conversations on Digitalization

15.09.17 Members' Corner

In this day and age, data has quickly become the new currency of leading organizations. In response to the ever-changing landscape of the global business terrain, Siemens Philippines held a conference with the theme “Shaping Digitalization – Leading the journey in the Philippines” on September 7 at the Grand Ballroom of the Solaire Casino and Resort in Parañaque. Designed as a platform to foster meaningful conversations about Digitalization, the event gathered more than a hundred C-level guests from relevant sectors and industries. These were led by decision makers, influencers, and end-users from Siemens’ growing customer communities in the fields of manufacturing, energy, transportation, and building technologies.

The Marketplace

Prior to the commencement of the conference, guests had a chance to go around a marketplace exhibition which showcased Siemens’ digital solutions across its entire business portfolio in the Philippines. Among the innovations featured were Desigo CC, the latest Siemens high-standard management station that addresses the multi-disciplinary functions as well as eliminates the many challenges of traditional building management; Digital Enterprises for manufacturing solutions, a holistic integration of the different production processes involved in discrete and process industries; Virtual Reality scanning of Powerplants, which enables businesses to survey their plants wherever and whenever they want; and Mindsphere, Siemens’ open cloud platform and operating system developed for the Internet of Things. MindSphere enables the evaluation and analysis of large data volumes for insights, the optimization of organizational assets, as well as in offering predictive maintenance for plants and energy data management.

Keynote addresses

“It’s time we foster conversations about the biggest paradigm shift our world is now facing,” said Siemens Philippines President & CEO, Jorel Nuyda, as he officially opened the floor for discussion. Jorel’s welcome remarks were followed by a keynote address from University of Asia & the Pacific professor, Dr. Bernardo Villegas, who emphasized the importance of considering the global context when discussing digitalization in the Philippines. Executive Director of the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Peter Kompalla, underscored the urgency of moving towards digitalization as he ended his address with the line, “Waiting is the kiss of death.” On the country’s readiness to transition into the digital landscape, Chief Technology Officer of IBM Philippines, Lope Doromal Jr., posed the penultimate question, “Digital disruption has taken place—are you going to be the disruptor, or the disrupted?” For the final keynote address, Asian Institute of Management Dean, Dr. Jikyeong Kang, said that digitalization has not only arrived—it is pacing at the velocity of light, and in this age of digitalization, only the Digirati succeed, insinuating that those who survive are those most adaptive to change. Dr. Armin Bruck, Siemens’ Regional CEO ASEAN and President of Siemens Pte Ltd concluded the morning’s keynote speeches by sharing the highlights of the recently launched Digitalization Hub in Singapore, which serves as a unique catalyst for digitalization across all Siemens divisions, and brings Siemens’ expertise and innovations in the Internet of Things to the Southeast Asian market.

Industry Outlook segment

The conference went on to discussions on the digital roadmaps, journeys, and outlooks from various industries in Siemens’ customer community in the Philippines. From the Power sector, Meralco Vice President & Head of Corporate Information & Technology, Ernie Imperial, shared Meralco’s experience on going digital with the help of Siemens. Maynilad SVP, Chief Information Officer and Head of Information Technology Services, Dr. Francisco Castillo, focused on the Manufacturing and Utilities sector and shared Maynilad’s testimonial of the instrumental role that Siemens played when Maynilad won a coveted top global management award. On the government’s agenda of Build, Build, Build, President & CEO of Bases Conversion and Development Authority, Vivencio Dizon, discussed the role of digitalization in building smart cities through Integrated Transport Services and the like. ‘Speed, quality, and efficiency’ are the pillars of excellence set by Siemens Singapore Executive Vice President, Raimund Klein, as he shared his insights on digital solutions for the Manufacturing sector. Lastly, Byron Heath of Siemens Singapore gave an overview of Siemens’ cloud-based open IoT operating system, Mindsphere, as he highlighted Siemens’ ability to solve problems before it occurs through the transition, from ‘repair and replace’ to ‘predict and prevent’. The discussions were closed with Byron Heath’s parting remark, “Ignoring data costs money.”

Breakout sessions

Upon conclusion of the informative talks, breakout sessions were held for different tracks aligned with Siemens’ business portfolio. The tracks focused on topics relevant to Digitalization such as the advent of predictive and prescriptive maintenance, manufacturing design, smart and energy-efficient cities, smart building management, and smart mobility and digital service. The breakout sessions were followed by cocktails & networking which provided guests a platform to further discuss opportunities and the digital phenomena at hand.