Train the Trainer – investment in productivity and competitiveness

22.06.18 AHK News

GPCCI successfully conducted its first “Train the Trainer International – Basic” course in 2018. The 5-day training program, based on German standards for trainer qualification, equips participants with the professional and pedagogical skills and abilities needed to be a competent in-company trainer.

Whether supervising on-the-job trainees, orienting new-hires or upskilling existing employees, it is important to follow a structured approach to convey internal guidelines, production processes, and quality standards. The Train the Trainer course is suited for all staff tasked with various forms of mentoring or training: from production supervisor to HR manager.

The nine trained trainers represent various industries among GPCCI’s membership already engaged in – or planning to expand – their in-company training efforts, thus investing in their productivity and competitiveness. GPCCI will conduct another Train the Trainer International – Basic course in the second half of the year.