Transwing Art Gallery Joins ÄRT MÖD through "Images of Faith"

31.05.17 Members' Corner

Noted Philippine Art Historian Santiago Albano Pilar shares this insight on the spiritual value of art:

The visual arts, architecture, music, dance, literature, theater, cinema – broaden our experience, deepen our understanding of life. As soon as early man learned to communicate his ideas and feelings by signification through bodily movements, utterances, doodling and scribbles, he put his efforts in producing an effective though intricate system of representation to enhance his most valued intuition, the arts: paintings and carvings, epics, ritual songs and dance, the repositories of his answers to the mysteries of nature and life.

And as refined, elaborate and rich in meaning, the arts impressed their advocates as revelations from the divine: the basis behind the importance of images in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian rites. In Roman Catholic and Eastern Christians practice, art pieces sanction by ritual blessing share the charisma of sacramentals (blessed medals, santos, icons, hymns, performances) that privilege us with the protection of Divine Grace (St. John Paul II, June 17, 1985 and May 2, 1986). The Russian avant-garde, Vassily Kandinsky, not citing any religious beliefs, simply alluded to the affinity of art and spirituality by defining abstraction as “reflection of the cosmic.”

The artworks at TRANSWING ART GALLERY (Booth No. 69) are images tackling faith, regardless of the religion. They are paintings, mixed media works, sculptures and a few icons from the Russian-Orthodox Churches.

IMAGES OF FAITH are their interpretation of the Divine, a result of their interaction with a Higher Being. Meet our featured artists that include Arnel Garcia, Bin Samonte, Anafe Nemenzo, Jonathan Madeja and the Picasso of the Philippines, the late Francisco "Paco" Gorospe. Look through a different perspective as you see the world through their eyes.