The various sectoral and cross-cutting Committees of the Chamber, each headed by a private sector representative, are the heart of the Chamber’s activities.

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The committees open up opportunities for members to be an active part in GPCCI while at the same time giving the business community a voice.
Members of the various committees meet on a regular basis to discuss latest developments and topics in order to work on solutions and joint actions.



Our Major Committees


According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, about 400,000 Filipino seafarers are deployed abroad. This corresponds to around 30% of the global maritime fleet. The Maritime Committee is in close contact with the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

Renewable Energy

In times of scarce fuel resources and continually rising energy prices, economic prosperity and competitiveness strongly depend on the ability to use energy from renewable resources. Germany enjoys an outstanding reputation not only for its commitment in 2011 to phase out nuclear energy, but also for its high-quality technical products and its practical expertise, particularly in the field of renewable energy. The use of innovative technology holds enormous potential for clean, renewable energy in every field of application.

With the rate that Renewable Energy is being pushed and supported as the future energy source in the Philippines, GPCCI foresees a large development in the Philippine renewable energy market and more opportunities and success for German companies providing alternative energy services!

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

Due to the high interest of our members to exchange among small and medium-sized enterprises in the Philippines, the SME Committee was founded in November 2013. The committee cordially invites interested members to join. The focus of the committee is to cover and discuss typical SME concerns when doing business in the Philippines.