HR Support & Training

HR Support to identify your staff. Quality assurance and facilitation of training cooperation to stay competitive. 


HR Support: Finding the right staff

Many German companies decide to set up a local presence when entering into a new market. Due to the geographical distance, difference in time and culture between Germany and the Philippines, it is often a great challenge to find qualified employees.

We can help you create a job profile and communicate your vacancies through our channels. In addition, you can maximize our network of service providers for your recruiting needs.

We can support you in shortlisting candidates and manage the search on your behalf.

Training and Education

The AHK Philippinen supports you with individual training programs for qualified workers. Based on your need, AHK can support you setting up a personalized in-house training or connect you with local experts and training providers.

We can also facilitate your training cooperation and be the neutral quality assurer for external and in-house training measures. Within this framework, we offer the DIHK-certified Train the Trainer – International Basic. An in-company-trainer represents an important element for the success of your training courses.