Knowledge Product

GPCCI initiated the development of various knowledge products to ensure that the key achievements of the K to 12 PLUS Project can be replicated, scaled up, and sustained.

Dual Education and Training Brochure

This publication focuses on GPCCI’s experiences in piloting Dual Education and Training approaches in the San Pedro Relocation Center National High School from 2015 to 2019.


Industry Immersion Guidebook

This guidebook, initiated by GPCCI, is the product of a participatory process among all K to 12 PLUS Project partners and stakeholders. Through a series of workshops, this blueprint was developed for schools and their industry partners to successfully implement the Dual Education and Training approach.



The learner is at the core of any Dual Education and Training program. But beyond skills development and employability, the training also leads to personal growth, maturity, confidence, and pride. Students’ individual journeys, achievements, and future aspirations are captured here.

Project Milestones Report

From establishing the partnership between GPCCI, San Pedro Relocation Center National High School, Metal Industries Association of the Philippines and Philippine Die and Mold Association, to certifying graduates in Metalworking Technology, this publication summarizes the major milestones of developing and implementing a dual training program.