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Der Annual Report der GPCCI gibt einen Überblick über die Veranstaltungen, Dienstleistungen, Ausschüsse und andere Aktivitäten des Deutsch-Philippinischen Hauses. Kopien des letzten Jahresberichts sind im GPCCI-Büro und bei allen unseren Veranstaltungen erhältlich. Wenn Sie Interesse haben, Kopien per Post zu erhalten, können Sie sich auch an elenee.ventura(at) wenden.


Annual Review 2018-2019

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Annual Review 2015-2016

Sustainable Certified Coconut Oil Production (SCNO) for the Philippines and Indonesia

The Sustainable Certified Coconut Oil Production (SCNO) is a joint project by the private and public sector together with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in the Southeast Asian countries of the Philippines and Indonesia. The project was financed by the private partners Cargill, BASF and Procter & Gamble and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by GIZ and the countries’ strong national partners. Over a period of 4 years (November 2015 – October 2019) and with a total volume of almost 4 million euros, the project paved the way to increase the income and economic self-sufficiency of smallholder coconut farmers in selected regions of the Philippines and Indonesia through supporting a sustainable certified coconut oil supply chain.

The German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) produced and designed the SCNO publication. If you are interested in the Chamber's publication and design services, please contact Ms. Elenee Ventura.


The Philippines: An Analysis - AHK World Business Outlook Survey 2015-2019

The AHK World Business Outlook Survey is based on a regular DIHK survey among member companies of the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad, delegations and representative offices (AHKs). This study focuses on the surveys conducted annually in the Philippines during 2015-2019 and encompasses the feedback from about 130 companies which are involved in German-Philippine economic relations.


More than a Market: How German companies are growing roots in Filipino society

The “More than a Market” brochure is published to shine light on the activities of upstanding members and partner organizations that are actively engaged in the betterment of society. 


Country Brochure "Philippinen - Archipel im Aufwind"

The German-language publication presents up-to-date facts and figures to provide insights in Philippine economic trends, business opportunities, and society. It also gives an overview of GPCCI's wide range of services, lists important addresses and events, and other useful information.


The Impact of the Maritime Industry on the Philippine Economy

This study gives a comprehensive overview of the maritime sector in the Philippines, pointing out its economic importance and providing insights in matters such as crewing & manning, port operations, ship building, tourism and liner operations in the country.