Economic Forum with new German Ambassador to the Philippines Ms. Anke Reiffenstuel

The September Economic Forum in partnership with the German Club and the German Embassy Manila focused on the role of the private sector in natural disaster response and humanitarian crisis.

Ambassador Anke Reiffenstuel, the new ambassador of Germany to the Philippines, discussed what humanitarian assistance is stating that “humanitarian assistance is not only a quick response to natural disasters but also providing water supply, setting up water systems, establishing, rehabilitating health care stations and hospitals. It also means cash programs and education programs with highly innovative character.”

Subsequently, there is a misconception on humanitarian crisis. Natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes usually come to mind but in fact, the main drivers for humanitarian crisis involves conflicts, food insecurity among others. There is a $27B need for humanitarian assistance and Germany is the third largest donor to funding such humanitarian needs.

With the escalating requirement for humanitarian assistance, Ambassador Anke Reiffenstuel highlighted the value of the private sector in addressing these global challenges. More than the additional funding that they can bring in, the real strength of the private sector in humanitarian assistance is their expertise and growing social commitment.

The forum ended with a Q&A segment which allowed the Ambassador to go more into detail about the role of the private sector in humanitarian crisis particularly in the Philippine setting.

GPCCI would like to thank Ambassador Anke Reiffenstuel for sharing her insights and expertise on humanitarian aid.