Podcast - GPCCI In:Sight

With the GPCCI In:Sight podcast we are introducing a new medium to keep you informed. We interview different experts and discuss trends and updates in various industries amidst the crisis.

To shed light on what moves different sectors in our membership and beyond, as well as giving the industries not only a voice but also let them share their experiences and inform others that might be on the same boat, we introduce our podcast GPCCI In:Sight!

Being at forefront of bilateral trade, GPCCI wants to offer value to its community by connecting businesses, providing information and sharing experiences.

Episode 12: Green Hydrogen: Market Potential in the Philippines

Energy consumption in the Philippines is increasing due to population and economic growth and a fuel dependent energy mix. In our latest GPCCI In:Sight podcast we explore the potential of green hydrogen and fuel cell technology as a sustainable and environmentally friendly renewable energy alternative in the Philippines.

Episode 11: Fostering a Strong Safety Culture in the Workplace

GPCCI In:Sight Podcast's 11th episode features the safety culture of MHE-Demag (P) Inc, a manufacturing company based in the Philippines for almost 30 years. MHE-Demag is part of the global lifting leader Konecranes and a GPCCI member. Dr. Christian Scheld, Country Director, shares how MHE-Demag fosters and strengthens safety culture in their day-to-day operations, and how the company puts the safety and welfare of employees as the number 1 priority.

Episode 10: Market opportunities in the water Sector in the Philippines (IN GERMAN)

Die Philippinen hatten vor der Pandemie ein beeindruckendes Wirtschaftswachstum zu verzeichnen. Die Wirtschaft wuchs acht Jahre lang um 6 %. Dieses dynamische Wirtschaftswachstum, die steigende Bevölkerungszahl von 1,5 % und heute 110 Millionen Menschen sowie eine Verstädterungsrate von fast 50 % führen zu immensen Herausforderungen für die Umwelt und bei der Infrastruktur. Obwohl das Land über reiche Wasserressourcen verfügt, wird der Zugang zu sauberem und sicherem Wasser zu einer Herausforderung. Die Regierung bestrebt, das Wasser- und Abwassermanagement auf den Philippinen zu modernisieren und widerstandsfähiger zu machen, nicht zuletzt aufgrund des Klimawandels. AHK Philippinen Trade Promotion Analyst Tobias Fritze gibt Einblicke in die Marktchancen auf den Philippinen.

Episode 9: Supporting the Philippines' Renewable Energy Transformation w/ German Biogas Technology

In 2017, the Philippines joined the Paris Climate Accord. In doing so, it committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% and to increase renewable energy sources to 35% by 2030.

The Philippines' commitment to a renewable energy (RE) transformation opens up many opportunities for German companies to share their knowledge, experience, and technical expertise for RE solutions.

In this podcast, we are talking to Mr. Lipp, CEO, and owner of Lipp GmbH, a biogas tank producer in Germany, about the potential for biogas production in the Philippines.

Episode 8: Dual Education and Training: Securing a Post-COVID Workforce

As discussed in our last podcast, many educational and skills training programs world-wide have been interrupted or scaled-back due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But we also learned, that now is the time to prepare for a post-COVID reality when customer demand will bounce back and order books will fill up again. A skilled workforce will be an even more important factor for competitiveness than it was ever before.

In this podcast, we are talking to Mr. Jer Anthony Pascual from GPCCI-member company ZAMA Precision Industry Manufacturing Philippines. Mr. Pascual is the Assistant Training Manager of ZAMA Philippines and in charge of the Industrial Mechatronics Technician Program, which was launched – against all odds – amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Episode 7: Weather-proofing VET during and beyond the Covid Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has put companies all around the world under extreme pressure. Headlines about shortened work weeks, temporary layoffs and permanent company closures still dominate the news.

How are German Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs abroad impacted by these economic uncertainties? Have companies adjusted their priorities away from VET or is the continuation of such programs part of their post-Covid strategy?

For insights on “Weather-proofing German Vocational Education and Training abroad during and beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic” we talked to Steffen Bayer. He is the Director for German Vocational Education and Training (VET) Abroad at the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK e.V.).

Episode 6 - Managing Filipino Teams in Times of Uncertainty

The prolonged quarantine restrictions and working from home setup has made things more difficult, putting managers in front of new challenges. "Remote" fatigue, sudden turn-overs and dissatisfaction among teams are commonly heard of. We sat down with leadership trainer and best-selling author Mike Grogan of Kaizen Leadership Asia to talk about toxic leadership, improving team performance and pitfalls to avoid - taking cultural sensitivity into account.

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Episode 5: Effective Training and How to Get There

According to Statistica, the global workplace training industry had a market size of 370 billion dollars in 2019. Despite this huge investment into training, some other studies show that the majority of these training efforts were actually ineffective. This suggests, that training success is not necessarily a matter of resources but more importantly, a matter of the quality and effectiveness of the trainer who conceptualizes and delivers the training content. In this podcast, we will share insights from two trainers on how to make your workplace training more effective.

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Episode 4: An Outlook of the Nurse Recruitment Industry

From the German Recruiter side Chairpersons Mr. Jason Heinen of Saisy Professionals and Dr. Urs Lustenberger of Globogate Recruiting GmbH, and from the Philippine side Mr. Jay Fernando, Vice President of Magsaysay Global Services as well as Mr. Bultschnieder, Director of go4more.School Language Training Center provide their expert opinions. Another important cog in the machine is the German Embassy Manila from which none other than the Ambassador herself, H.E. Mrs. Anke Reiffenstuel joined in this expert exchange.

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Episode 3: Frontliners in the Medical Sector: Ensuring Operations in Healthcare & Medical Technology

It takes strict precautions to ensure the safety of our frontliners. In our 3rd episode of our podcast, we asked Ms. Stephanie Franco of Fresenius Medical Care Philippines, Inc. what it takes and what challenges they encounter.

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Episode 2: Securing Power Supply in the COVID 19 crisis

The 2nd episode features an expert interview with Tony Becker, President and COO of GNPower and Jorel Nuyda, President and CEO of Siemens Philippines on the new normal in the electricity sector and a post-crisis outlook.  


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Episode 1: COVID-19 - Consequences, Challenges and Actions for the Logistic Sector

In our first episode, we asked Daniela Wassmann, Managing Director of Rhenus Logistics, and Stefan Schmitz, Managing Director of ANTRAK Logistics, about the impact of COVID-19 in the logistics industry in the Philippines, the challenges they are facing and how they experience these trying times.

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