Advanced skills support business expansion

GPCCI member company German Excellence Solution, Inc. (GES) conducted the first practical examination for its Advanced Skills Training Program for Professional Cleaners. The exam, conducted at the Kärcher showroom and monitored by GPCCI, tested the practical knowledge of four GES employees, who had already passed the cleaning company’s Basic Training.

The Advance Training course is designed to deepen the knowledge of GES’ current employees as the company enters into new market segments. “As we diversify our portfolio beyond residential cleaning into more industrial areas such as offices, hotels, and other commercial sectors, our employees need additional training in handling our high-power Kärcher cleaning machines to maximize their use and provide our customers with the quality service they expect,” shares Andreas Enkelmann, initiator of the structured in-house training which has been developed in close cooperation with the German Fürstenwalder Aus- und Weiterbildungszentrum gGmbH

Ronil Pañales, who is already certified under the Basic Training course, attests to the quality standards that GES adheres to when providing professional cleaning services. "The importance of quality is something that was taught to us during our training and we carry this on to the work that we do for our clients," Pañales says.

GES is a GPCCI member and Dual Training partner since April 2017.