Economic Forum with German Ambassador Dr. Gordon Kricke: Impressions on the Philippines

The July Economic Forum centered on the perceptions of Ambassador Dr. Kricke on the Philippines. After three years of serving as the Ambassador of Germany to the Philippines and before his final departure in August, Dr. Kricke shared his fond memories as well as his views on the political, economic and bilateral relationship of Germany and the Philippines.

Dr. Kricke started the forum by sharing his admiration of Filipinos: “I admire the Filipinos’ resilience, patience, and sense of responsibility towards their families.”  he said at the Economic Forum. On the other hand, he also shared his frustrations with some Filipinos who do not demand more social justice.  

According to the Ambassador, a lot of German companies and organizations work together to bolster the bilateral relationship of Germany and the Philippines. There is a mutual willingness from German and Philippine companies to listen and understand each other in order to strengthen the connection of both states.

He also emphasized that the trade between the two states is still growing strong. Germany serves as the largest trading partner of the Philippines in Europe. There is also an increase in imports from Germany last year which, according to the Ambassador, is primarily motivated by the efforts of GPCCI. Dr. Kricke believes that the economy of the Philippines remains bullish. He also shared that most German companies have a positive outlook in doing business and investing in the Philippines.

Dr. Kricke's talk was then followed by a lively Q&A. The audience had the opportunity to ask firsthand and engage with the ambassador who gladly answered their inquiries.

GPCCI would like to thank Ambassador Dr. Gordon Kricke for sharing his expertise and experience regarding the Philippines. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the participants for their time and presence.