In-house Training Certification Accomplished

AHK Philippinen certified the first batch of six Cleaning Experts employed and trained by German Excellence Solutions (GES). The 240-hours Professional Cleaning Course, designed by GES and implemented in partnership with local and German trainers, incorporates elements of the German dual vocational training system. The in-house training is provided to new-hires free of charge and focuses on proper handling of professional cleaning equipment and solutions as well as customer service orientation. 

After the theoretical training conducted in a specially designed condominium model unit, GES employees undergo a 6-months practical training. AHK Philippinen conducted an independent skills assessment and issued the AHK Certificate for Localized Dual Vocational Training modeled after German Standards for those who passed the exam.

The certificates attest employees of their skills while providing GES an independent quality seal. In 2018, more batches of Cleaning Experts are scheduled to be trained by GES and assessed and certified by AHK Philippinen.