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Train the Trainer: German AEVO Standard

Vocational training “made in Germany” is a key factor for securing the leading position of German companies in global competition. We offer the key to training success deeply-rooted in German companies to the Philippine industry and beyond:   

In-company trainers are the heart of a first-class vocational training program. They have to be on solid footing professionally and be pedagogically skilled in order to inspire enthusiasm about a profession in young people and communicate its content professionally.  

In Germany, this is guaranteed by the Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude (AEVO). Train the Trainer (in German “Ausbildung der Ausbilder – AdA”) is based on the AEVO and therefore offers the same quality. 

This 5-day training prepares participants to fulfil their tasks as in-company trainers appointed to oversee the learning process of new-hires, trainees or apprentices. It prepares in-company trainers to select suitable apprentices, identify training requirements, prepare training content, and conduct the training, including examination and certification. 

The AdA Training involves 4 Steps:    

  • Evaluate Training Requirements  
  • Prepare Training and Participate in Selecting Apprentices and Trainees 
  • Conduct Training   
  • Complete Training   

The training specifies how vocational and professional skills can be combined with activity-based and process-oriented content. It aims to develop and encourage individual occupational expertise, as well as a flexible adaptation to constant change the working environments.  The training brings out trainers who are specially qualified for their assignment. It also provides eligibility for their operational practice. This is being certified by an objective examination.  

Our distinctive AHK features:  

  • Renowned Trainers 
  • Qualification concept according to German standards   
  • Locally adjusted curriculum   
  • Practice-approved learning materials   
  • AHK-Certification 
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