Skilled Labor Migration

GPCCI supports companies and jobseekers with information and services to support skilled labor migration from the Philippines to Germany.

In 2020, the German government passed the Skilled Immigration Act. This law and the currently proposed extensions of it aim to make it even easier for skilled foreign workers from outside the European Union to move to Germany to work, look for work, or join a dual vocational training program in 2023.

The measure is a response to the shortage of workers currently affecting most professions and industries in Germany. According to a 12-month comparison from July 2021 to July 2022, there was a gap of more than 500,000 skilled workers across all job profiles.

According to, skilled workers are not only the graduates from universities or degree holders, but also from the vocational training institutes that are recognized by the German government.

At the same time, the Philippine and German governments are discussing labor agreements which would allow Filipinos of other profession than nursing to work in Germany.