Access ADB Business Opportunities

Learning about projects and tenders, guidance throughout the bidding process, navigating through and accessing key stakeholders at the bank.

Each year, ADB provides loans, grants, and technical assistance to fund projects and activities in its developing member countries throughout the Asia Pacific. The procurement covers goods, works, and consulting services. In 2020 alone, ADB’s procurement spending reached over US$10B, with almost US$ 98M awarded to German contractors. 

There is a massive pool of opportunities for German firms and individuals in ADB projects, but the process can be overwhelming. 

How we can help you 

With proper network and support, German companies can participate in these tenders. AHK Philippinen offers the following services to help you access.  

Industry Portfolio Subscription

  • Subscription to be a part of a portfolio that we strategically present to the ADB ahead of relevant projects and events with a sector specific focus. This encompasses updates for you on activities and opportunities for exchange.

Strategic Information

  • We compile strategic information on procurement priorities of the ADB within your sector and the overall trends and trajectory of the bank in selected regions.

Business Mission

  • Individual or group company visit and setup of meetings to meet with critical network and for enhanced understanding of the ADB procurement process. Setup of agenda based on the clients wishes or related to an event organized by the ADB.

Business Partner Searches

  • Partner searches in the relevant Developing Member Countries (DMC) through the German Chambers Abroad in the respective countries.

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