The Honorable Merchant

"The Chambers of Commerce and Industry have the function [...] to preserve the virtues and decency of the honorable merchant.”
Extract from §1 IHK law, the law of the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry

GPCCI operates and transacts business based on the guiding principles of the Honorable Merchant. The honorable merchant was not only the self-conception of German Hanseatic merchants of the past, but should also be the guiding principle for today’s managers.

We greatly encourage our member companies and partners to adhere and commit to these principles and act ethically on their day-to-day business transactions.

The honorable merchant as a person: Commitment to value compliance

  • The honorable merchant has a tolerant and liberal attitude.
  • The honorable merchant keeps his/her word with the handshake as a binding act.
  • The honorable merchant develops commercial judgment capabilities

The honorable merchant in his/her company: Creating the conditions for honorable behavior

  • The honorable merchant acts as a role model through all actions.
  • The honorable merchant promotes honorable behavior in his business.
  • The honorable merchant aims at long-term and sustainable business objectives.

The honorable merchant in society and the economy: Comprehending and creating the framework for honorable behavior

  • The honorable merchant heeds the principle of equity and good faith.
  • The honorable merchant recognizes and takes responsibility for the economic and social order.
  • The honorable merchant always advocates his values both in domestic and foreign trade.


The Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce provides a brochure explaining the history, ideas and principles of the Honorable Merchant (PDF):

Brochure "The Honorable Merchant"