Business Process Outsourcing industry seen to grow bullishly in the Philippines by 2020

The last Economic Forum for 2019 entitled “2025: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Shared Services Sector in the Philippines” featured Boehringer Ingelheim Business Services Philippines Managing Director, Mr. Andreas Meneghetti.

Mr. Meneghetti provided an overview of the current situation of the sector stating that the 20 year old BPO and Shared Services industry currently has 1.8 million employees generating $30 billion of revenue with a potential to increase to $50 billion beyond the year 2020.

However, shift in policies, availability of well-trained employees and the rise of artificial intelligence serve as a threat to the industry. Despite all these challenges, knowledge process outsourcing, innovations and new technologies have a potential in mitigating risks to the market.

The German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the German Club Manila and German Embassy Manila would like to thank Mr. Andreas Meneghetti for imparting his expertise on the topic.