GPCCI Workshop: Selling to Germans

Selling to Germans”, or more generally “Dealing with Germans” turned out to be a hot topic, based on the positive feedback. No wonder – with Germany being the biggest trade partner of the Philippines in the EU, more and more companies prepare themselves for more clients, partners, as well as a new market. And being ready for the differences in business culture lets success chances grow. The half-day workshop certified by GPCCI and enhanced with guest speaker Maan MarianoVice President/Head of the German Desk of Banco de Oro, as well as Board Director and Treasurer of GPCCI – lead to a full house. Humor, knowledge transfer, an honest exchange and hands-on activities gave all participants their own personal take-aways. Having had its first roll-out on the 30th of October 2019, we will proudly announce follow-up workshops thank all participants.