An AHK employee manages your business activities in the Philippines. 

In order to promote activities towards the Philippine market and to be consistently present, there is often the need to employ personnel on-site. However, the opening of a representative office is financially and administratively costly: from room rental, employee recruitment to necessary registrations. Moreover, finding and monitoring qualified staff is also a challenge.

With the “Office-in-Office” concept we offer your company a cost-effective and risk-free alternative for the establishment of a representative office. As part of this service, you can also use a part-time or full-time AHK project manager to manage your activities in the Philippines.

Possible fields of application are

  • Quality management and supplier control
  • Sales support
  • Preparation of investments
  • Trade fair representation 

Your advantages

  • Minimized risk through the lowest financial commitment
  • Immediate start of activities without licensing procedures
  • No own staff and financial accounting
  • Use of AHK’s modern infrastructure and office including conference rooms
  • Supervision and support of your employees even if you are not on-site
  • Use of contacts and networks of the AHK Philippinen
  • Quick contact with customers and suppliers
  • Low communication barriers through our multilingual staff 

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