Premium Partnership

Intensify your engagement through GPCCI, involve in the promotion of bilateral trade, and position yourself exclusively in our network.

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The German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (GPCCI) offers your organization several options to add value to your advertising and marketing efforts through a comprehensive partnership package program. This offer consolidates advertising options, annual events and sponsorship opportunities into a single package, thereby increasing your organization’s capacity to reach out to our network while streamlining your advertising needs.

This annual opportunity yields exposure to your organization throughout the rest of the year in GPCCI publications, emails, event advertisements, event collaterals and more.

If you’re interested in the GPCCI Premium Partnership program, please contact Ms. Kathleen Rodriguez Reyes at or (632) 85198110 to discuss your company’s needs in terms of marketing and promotion as well as discuss the options we can offer your company to address those needs.

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